TI-89 Graphing Calculator Review

Texas Ti-89 Review

Every student needs a graphing calculator. Graphing calculators like the TI-89 help with completing mathematical concepts such as factoring polynomials, finding ratios, and calculating derivatives. Having a graphing calculator helps make math a more enjoyable and easier subject.

We’re here to review the TI-89 Graphing Calculator. We’re reviewing the pros, cons, while giving you reasons to invest in this calculator. You’ll find it very inexpensive in comparison to other calculators and will take your mathematical skills to the highest level.

About The Product

The TI-89 Graphing Calculator is a standard amongst teachers and high school students. It features a light sensitive and adjustable LCD screen which helps users see their computations in a clear and accurate format. It’s currently on Amazon at a price around $147.

Calculator LCD

One thing that we noticed about this device is its compatability with standardized exams. The calculator is accepted by the SAT, AP Calculus but not the AP exams. Basically, its a great entry level calculator for students who need to pass their math tests with ease. Some notable features:

  • 160 x 100 Display
  • 2MB of memory
  • Good Battery Life
  • Programmable Calculator
  • 256 KB of RAM

Another reason why consumers like the TI-89 Graphing Calculator is due to its durability. For example, it has a strong plastic outer covering that is resistant from drops, and can withstand a lot of damage. Get this calculator if you plan on getting calculator that will last for a long time.

Consumers like this device because of its functionality. The TI-89 can take partial fractions, integrals, factoring simple and complex polynomials, and works with complex numbers and vectors. You’ll have a versatile calculator that can handle practically any math problem.

And it has a USB port for added connectivity and communication. When plugged in, it charges the calculator’s internal battery, reducing the need to buy batteries. It’s USB feature also allows students to share and download apps with their classmates making this one of the best calculators around.

On the other hand, shoppers noted one issue with this calculator. The TI-89 isn’t as frequently updated as other Texas Instrument calculators. It’s received over 3 updates within the span of three years, making it a hard choice if you want a more recent calculator.

You’ll still get a lot of utility of out the TI-89 Graphing Calculator. It has over 2 MB of ROM memory, which gives you a lot of data storage for complex computations. Buy this device today if you want a calculator that’s worth your money.

Common Uses For A Graphing Calculator

The most important thing you must consider is how you’ll use your graphing calculator. In previous generations, the slide rule was the main method on calculating advanced engineering and mathematical problems.

TI-89 Graphing Calculator

Due to innovative technology such as the microchip, calculators began to replace traditional hand tools to perform basic and complex calculations. Large number problems that involved complex multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division problems no longer required a pencil and a piece of paper to find the correct answer.

Graphing calculators can perform hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations. And they give users access to additional mathematical constants such as e and pi.

Business Use Of Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators are used in science, math, and in the academic fields. Designers, architects, engineers, and planners are the most common graphing calculator users.

Most industry professionals will want a graphing calculator that can perform their functions within their field. We suggest that you try out a few calculator models before settling to see if they are up to your industry’s standards and can solve your mathematical problems.

For example, financial accountants must calculate interest accruals, and other financial calculations and computations associated to their job. Getting the TI-89 will ensure that you’ll have a calculator that’s suited to your professional needs and solve problems quickly.


You need a graphing calculator that’s built to last. Paying for cheaper models can result in your calculator breaking faster and unable to perform the computations that you need. This can be a nightmare for students if their calculator malfunctions during an exam.

To prevent this, we suggest that you test your calculator at least a week before the exam. Make sure that your calculator is made of plastic or high end aluminum to ensure that it won’t break from everyday usage. Doing this ensures that you’ll buy a calculator that’s worth your initial investment.


ROM measures how much memory your calculator has. The higher the ROM, the better your calculator is at storing your data, apps, and previous graphs. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to have a calculator that has a ROM memory of over 2 MB or higher.

Why do you need so much memory? Because math is a complex subject, especially for engineers. Having a good ROM memory ensures that you’ll have enough room to go back to your previous math problem and solve multiple equations at once.


RAM measures how fast your calculator can process your initial input. Don’t waste your time buying a low end calculator. They have slow speeds and tend to lag when you need to input your calculations.

TI-89 Graphing Calculator

Source: newegg.com

On average, good graphing calculators have a RAM speed of 100KB or higher. The high RAM speed makes it faster for you calculator to read your information and give you an answer almost instantly. Fortunately, the TI-89 has a RAM speed of 256KB making it faster than competing products.


Overall, high school students love using the TI-89 Graphing Calculator. It gives them a wide range of applications and programmable functions to solve math problems with ease. Conclusively, you should get this calculator if you want the best performance available.

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